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Fantasy Sunday: Change of Focus 🎯 Subverting Fantasy Characters 🧙‍♂️

Published about 1 month ago • 2 min read

Hi all,

As part of my continued effort to expand the platform, I regularly review what I'm putting out each month, what works, and what doesn't.

There are always plenty of ideas floating around in my head, and although they all seem worthwhile, I know that to bring high-quality content to my following, I must sometimes shift my focus away from certain things and onto others.

I recently found myself in the unfortunate position of having to decide what not to do, and refocus the time I have to dedicate to this platform.

The recent spike in the popularity of my Fantasy name generator tells me that building free and useful tools is one direction I would like to lean into more. The tool has received 193 total usages since its release, with the Dragon names being the most popular choice! (As always, we are always data-driven.)

The Blog is another part of the platform that I would like to invest more into. In the past 30 days, the Blog's front page has received 122 views, with only 62 viewers — this means people are coming back!

More interestingly, in the past 30 days, my articles have been completed 21 times, with the Fantasy Name Generator article bringing in the most views and some of my older posts.

This also tells me that the name generator tool brings people into the blog, through the "Learn how this works" button I added to the tool's front page.

Unfortunately, the sad news is that the Newsletter is bringing nowhere near the views compared to the tool or the blog articles, despite taking a significant amount of time to maintain. I have therefore decided to stop the weekly schedule for the Newsletter, and only send them out when I have something interesting and worthwhile to say. Worry not, you'll still be able to follow the Novella's progress on the website!

Going forward, I will focus my attention on the following initiatives:

  • Create high-quality, free tools for writers
  • Write insightful and useful blogs
  • Drive more traffic to the website, and increase its authority in the Fantasy/writing space
  • Complete my upcoming Novella, A Wizard's Hunt

My plan for the Newsletter is not to terminate it, as I believe there is great potential in building an email list. However, my focus will be on sending high-quality Newsletters on an ad-hoc basis, meanwhile focusing on building a Newsletter Magnet, which is a product of some sort that is offered for free upon signing up to the Newsletter. I believe this should bring more attention and registrations, at which point I will likely resume a weekly schedule.

📖 Novels

A Wizard's Hunt 🏹

Progress: 22%

The novella's progress stays at 22%. Follow the website's front page to check on the status

🗞️ Blog

3 Common Types of Fantasy Characters and How to Subvert Them

Explore 3 common types of characters in Fantasy fiction and how to subvert them.

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